Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Right makes Might! Or Something...

The USA is a right-centric country. The overwhelming majority of us are right handed. We drive on the right. The signs on the highway (that old people and airheads ignore) say "Keep right, pass left). Protocol says that even on escalators one should "keep right, pass on left". But of course the same airheads that stay in the left lane on the highway stand on the left side of the escalator. And then mouth witticisms like "if you want to walk, use the stairs" to anyone who says "excuse me"... never mind that escalators are essentially just moving stairs. And the physics of walking up a moving escalator (i.e. faster and easier to get to the top by walking on the moving escalator than walking on stairs). And sometimes, there are no staircases nearby. Why can't you all just be nice? It's "The Right Thing To Do!™"

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