Friday, June 19, 2009

New York STINKS.

Get off the train in Grand Central... mmm...smell that musty train funk (don't get caught in a Metro North car with a bathroom- you'll be smelling something a lot more than musty).

Walk into a subway station... mmm...smell that faint (and sometimes not-so-faint) vomity/uriny some other kind of subway train funk.

Walk in the streets-- smell that:
  • Diesel oil/exhaust
  • rotting garbage vomity aroma
  • urine
  • mystery street steam funk
  • all of the above if you get too close to a bum, plus a few other stenches
And it all mixes so well with the aromas of pizza, flame-grilling (burgers & steaks), and other great food aromas... really helps build that appetite.


  1. Ah, but you forget the fine fragrant aroma of too much perfume trying to mask the fact that the wearer hasn't bathed in about 6 months.
    Perfumes/colognes are not a substitute for good personal hygene, people!

  2. And of course regarding personal "fragrances"- the strongest ones are either silly white bitches with too much Chanel, or some cheap mo fo wearing some High Karate, or maybe Brut.... by Faberge....