Friday, June 12, 2009

I Got Your Tip....

What's with those annoying "tip jars" that are on service counters all over the place? When did this bizarre phenomena become acceptable?

Wait staff at sit-down restaurants have historically been paid below minimum wage on the (evil) assumption that tips will make up the difference... of course nowadays, far too many people don't even understand this and don't tip people who are still poorly paid, but are providing a service beyond "normal". Like delivery drivers- they are doing your lazy ass a favor, that's why they should be tipped, especially when they are courteous and pleasant to deal with. I know plenty of restaurants that won't deliver to certain areas any more not just for fear the driver will get robbed- but because they know the driver won't get tipped.

But as for these tip jars on counters... if I have to go up to a counter and request something, the "clerk" behind that counter is obviously being paid solely to serve my needs, i.e. get me whatever it is behind that counter that I wish to buy. Putting something in a bag and taking my cash is ALL they do- this is NOT tip worthy, ESPECIALLY when the clerks are:

a) talking on phones
b) talking to each other
c) talking in a foreign language (either on the phone or to each other)
d) ignoring me as best they can, not looking at me, not smiling, not acknowledging me in any way other than taking my money and dropping change on the counter. No, you DON'T deserve a tip for that.

When I walk into your store, you need to acknowledge me (i.e. say "Hello, how can I help you" or "Hello, someone will be right with you"). When I pay you, say "Thank you". After all, without me paying you, you would not be able to afford that new iPhone.

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