Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Buy American?!? What? From Who?

Are there any newsstands, convenience stores, liquor stores, or motels in the USA that are still owned and operated by US Citizens? How come it seems that a Black U.S. Citizen can't get a loan to open/buy the store on the corner of their own neighborhood, but some no-English-speaking foreigner can wash up on the shore today and own that store tomorrow? The President wants to "stimulate" the economy he should wipe out the SBA and give some of those billions in "stimulus" money to us little guys so WE can own stores and motels and open new factories- HERE in the USA.

I need $20 million to start an AirCar factory here in the USA-- but since I'm not already rich, I ain't gonna get it...

According to the latest govt. statistics (, there are 14.5 million unemployed in the USA. So how come 25 million "South of The Borderites" can sneak into the country on Sunday, and be serving coffee or mowing lawns Monday morning? Somethings going on, and it ain't about anyone "stealing" jobs- it's about greedy mo-fo's GIVING AWAY U.S. jobs.

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