Friday, June 12, 2009

Customer What???

So what the hell happened to customer service in this country?? Where did it go- and WHY??

And WHY do we keep patronizing businesses that employ asstards who would rather clown around behind the counter or "text" their friends with iPhones WE customers are paying for?

The theory I'm working on is that barely competent poorly trained lazy managers don't train new employees properly, and then are afraid to confront said employees their lack of skills and abilities. The fear being that the employee will either physically attack the manager, or start hollering "racism! racism!"...or both. It's much easier for the manager to just pass the day hiding in his/her office, and not have to deal with those annoying "customers".

And of course we customers don't do much about it because we know that if we complain:

a) our complaint will be utterly ignored or even laughed at
b) we may get physically assaulted
c) we're just too damn tired and want to move on

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