Friday, June 12, 2009

Make The Boss Ride The ...

Do you ride public transportation (bus, train, etc.)? Do you have complaints? I.e. not running on schedule, dirty, stinking, broken down equipment (no heat/air)? Have you complained, and seen nothing change? Of course.

The only way to get IMMEDIATE change would be if the Phat Money executives of the transportation company had to ride their own service. You'd see stuff change OVERNIGHT.

And this same idea should go to other types of executives as well- like bosses at the DMV, the phone company, the cable company, etc. Make THEM wait in line (or on the phone) to deal with THEIR OWN EMPLOYEES.

Again, you'd see stuff change OVERNIGHT. Suddenly, all of these companies would find money in their budgets to get things done. They'd find ways to discipline, retrain, or outright fire lousy employees, union be damned. Train toilets would stop stinking. Buses would run on-time. And Angels would sing from Heaven.

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