Thursday, July 23, 2009


No, I didn't spell "slackers" wrong. I meant slokkers. It's a new word I made up by combing "sloth" (as in slow as a bug caught in molasses) and "walkers". Some professional level slokkers move so slow it almost appears they are moving backwards. Of course, the trick of being a slokker is that you move your slowest when you know someone behind you is in a hurry, and is trying to pass you. A pro slokker has mastered the ability of magically puffing their entire body out sideways (in both directions), thereby making it impossible for you to pass and catch that plane or train you are attempting to run for. Of course, walking in the middle of the stair case or sidewalk improves the slokkers blocking abilities. And yes, they know we know that they know. Cause they're evil. Meaning that if one were to be "accidentally" bumped while on a stair case, and they happen to tumble to the bottom in a jumble of booms, bangs, and "oh lord jesus help me i'm fallin down da stairs", you would be doing the world a favor. Cause not all of us are tourists...

People Who Deserve It! - check out this site in its entirety by-the-way...they're as pissed off as I am, but they've been doing this blog thang a lot longer!

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