Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Daily Pointlessness...

"D**p***h is your complete outsourcing partner for all aspects of image processing. Our very own offshore production facility located in South East Asia, houses teams of Photoshop® artists who are trained and managed by western industry professionals." Yeah-- "Western industry professionals who are now OUT OF WORK!!". Dumb asses.

What the hell ever happened to hiring TEENAGERS to mundane work that no one else really wants to do?? There are plenty of teens out there who will gladly take $20 to: Mow your lawn, weed your garden, shovel your snow, clean your car, clip you graphics in Photoshop, flip your burgers, cook your fries, stock your store shelves, etc. etc. etc. And although it sometimes seems difficult to communicate with teens, I'd rather try it with them than with some turd worlder who just doesn't get basic concepts like, oh, flush toilets. We certainly DON'T need to import a single "guest worker", or export another got-damn job.

1 comment:

  1. You can't make teenagers work! Dammit, they're CHILDREN!!!! SAVE THE CHILDREN!!!
    Brute, next you'll be wanting them to clean their rooms and study in school. Hell, I'll bet you probably even want them to know how to read chapter books!