Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Daily Pointlessness...


Dieting without changing whatever it is that caused you to balloon up in the first place is just utterly pointless stupidity. It's like taking a pain killer when you've chopped off your finger... when the pain killer wears off, the damn thing is still gonna hurt. If you diet and lose a bunch of weight, what happens when you reach your ideal weight? Has your "lifestyle" permanently changed for the better?

There are 2 reasons for weight gain:

1) medical, i.e., something wrong with something in your body. Maybe there is treatment to correct the problem, maybe not.

2) taking in more than your body burns.

Number 2 is of course by far the most common cause of obesity. Sitting in front of a computer all day, sucking down bacon double cheeseburgers and large fries, then going home and sitting in front of a TV is a pretty good cause for obesity. And washing it down with all the "diet" soda in the world ain't gonna make a damn difference, fool.

You want to lose weight and keep it off? Ya got to MOVE. BURN. BURN. BURN. Succumbing to the latest "miracle pill" hype ain't gonna help either. "Super Fat Burner" pills that are just some form of barely-legal speed may make your nether regions feel like they are vibrating all day just make your wallet smaller. And $150 "homeopathic" bottles of water with a little ethanol added ain't gonna cut it either, ya dopes. If you can't lose weight on the required "VLCD" mentioned in the fine print, you probably need to see a doctor, as the reason you're large is probably #1 above, or that you are already dead...(how can you NOT lose weight on a 500 calorie/day diet???).

If you ever actually read Atkins' book, you'd know that he doesn't describe his plan as a "diet". He calls it a "lifestyle change".

I lost 60 pounds by getting out from behind the computer and hitting the track- EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK. And I WALKED on the track (no running from this fat boy). And I ate whatever the hell I wanted, pretty much. Yeah, I ate a lot of tuna and rice. But I also ate burgers. And fries. And occasionally drank soda (although it seems the HF Corn Syrup may play a role in try to avoid that evil ingredient...HAH!). Of course, the track I hit was in Florida. And I often was out there when it was over 100 degrees. So yeah, I sweat bullets. And I did pushups, pullups, and dips. But nothing crazy. Like I said, no running. Just moving, every day. I lost the weight, and kept it off for several years... until the forces of evil sucked me back into a seat in front of a computer again. I gained 40 pounds of it back.

I hate computers.

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