Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The MuthaFuggin Saga Continues...

So a month or so ago the keeper-of-the-testes (aka spouse) shows me a brochure for some interesting looking classes/lectures. I say good, let's sign up. Ok, she says, she'll take care of it.

Ah, you see it coming?

Yeah, of course she didn't sign up. Now, they want a lot more money at the door since we missed the "pre-registration". So, she says, since she got the babysitter set up, why don't we just go out for ice cream or something. OK, says I.

Ah, you see it coming?

I get home from work and ask "What time is the babysitter due"?

Ah, you see it coming?

Oh, I never confirmed with her she says.

Well, can you call and ask, or do you actually know for certain she's not coming. "She would have been here by now" she says. Do you want me to call her now and see if she's available for an hour? No, don't go through all that trouble I says. So she says "ok, I'm going to BJ's to get some frozen chicken".

Then I realize one of my kids is missing... he went to ride his bike around the block and never came back around. Twenty minutes later we find him around the corner in someones back yard (some people we never met before) playing on a trampoline.

So not only do I not get the interesting class, but no ice cream. And worry about a kid for 20 minutes. And she goes to get frozen chicken.

Hmmm... seems like I married a frozen chicken.

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