Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Daily Pointless...

eBay Watchers of "Buy It Now"

What exactly is the point of being a "watcher" of a "Buy It Now" item on eBay? What the HELL are you waiting for?!?

Pretty Toilet Water

So I wander into the lavatory facilities at my office this morning, and quickly notice the pleasant flowery aroma, and the pretty blue coloring in the toilet water.

Too bad it's all offset by the DISGUSTING, FOUL SHIT SPLATS still stuck to the bowl- that have been there for a WEEK. And YES, I complained to the building management. And the result was flowery smelling blue water- with shit splats.
Hell, even "Scrubbing Bubbles" cleaning spray don't actually scrub off splats- you actually have to use a scrub brush, which of course takes about, hmmm.... 30 seconds?

Heaven forfend the turd world excuse for a "cleaning crew" could actually be taught about modern, civilized concepts like "hygeine" and germ theory... you know, those things that have been around for, oh, A HUNDRED YEARS.

Which is why most turd worlders continue to be turd worlders, in 2010. And will still be turd worlders in 2011.
And why management that is afraid to properly train, supervise, and discipline dreck workers will continue to end up with dreck everywhere.

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