Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So I'm on my way out of a retail establishment that has one door. As I approach the lone door, it opens, and several people start entering the store (these fools would have won The Daily Asshole award too- see my previous post on doorway prioritizing...). So I turn aside to let them pass into the store (I don't really have much choice as there's nowhere else for me to go). My turning aside was apparantly seen by the dripping bung pipe behind me as "his opening" he made his move- squeezing past me and shoving his way out the door ahead of me. Now if this douche puddle would have run to the curb and started vomiting, all would have been fine, and his behavior would have been understood and accepted. But no- this living bowel movement just kept on down the sidewalk. So I hit him with a brick, and ran like hell.

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