Monday, July 27, 2009

The Daily Pointlessness...

I'm so tired of being tired. Tired of having to deal with this seemingly never ending parade of petty, penny ante piddling booo sheet that no one should HAVE to deal with on a regular basis. Like some counter clerk at a store telling you they're too busy to wait on CUSTOMERS, who PAY their EFFING rent. And has the nerve to put out a tip jar.

Like obliviot SELF WHORES who decide to have some family reunion on the busy New York City sidewalk. Under a scaffolding. Next to a phone stand. (The sidewalk gets very narrow there, in case you don't it's NOT the ideal place to decide to stop and block the sidewalk). Or at the top of a moving escalator. Or in front of the elevator doors. Etc. Etc.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Daily Pointlessness...

No comment. Read it and SCREAM. Or better yet- KILL.

Ignorant Arrogant Americans

Many times I've seen news articles from outside the USA where people from other countries refer to us here in the USA as "arrogant" and/or "ignorant". The range of non-Americans calling us this is from Francophones to islamic terrorists. They call us ignorant cause we don't speak six languages, like they do. Pardon, my geographically challenged friends- the USA is bordered by two countries. One of which has inhabitants who speak either English or French. The other country is inhabited by people who speak mainly Spanish. So in the USA, the typical language choices in schools are (drumroll please): French or Spanish. The fact that some European country may share borders with countries where a bunch of other languages are spoken is a completely different set of facts compelling language studies.

As for calling us "arrogant"- that's one I just don't get. What do you mean- WE are arrogant? Are you saying that WE are arrogant because YOU believe that WE believe we are better than you? So are you saying that that is wrong, because we are all equals? Yes, I'm sure that's it- you certainly wouldn't believe YOU are somehow better than US...cause then that would make YOU...ummm... arrogant.

Old article, but says it all about China....

It says that "almost 100% of music downloaded from the Net [in China] is stolen". Here's the money quote: "Zhu doesn't believe he and his friends are doing anything wrong. "I think it's a problem with the law, not with us users," he says."

Well, actually, pal Zhu, the problem is indeed with you users. As I mentioned in a previous post, these turd worlders have no concept whatsoever of "intellectual property rights" or "individual rights" like we do. They just don't get all. The idea that if someone works hard on creating something and deserves to profit from it is completely alien to these Godless communists. So, ok, we can understand that years of State brainwashing has cleared out all notions of capitalism from them. But how does one then explain the fact that they'll do anything to make money, regardless of what effect the end product has on consumers- i.e. selling poison baby formula or pet food that KILLS people or animals. Here in the USA when someone wants to cheat in the food industry, they usually do so by watering something down, or substituting cheaper (but still food grade) ingredients. Over there it seems that all they do is say "Hmmm....I need some white powder to stretch this batch of baby formula... hey, whatever is in that bucket over there at that construction site is white, grab it and throw it into the mix". How do you think that way? We ignorant, arogant Americans will never know...

The Daily Pointlessness...

Why do immigrants to the USA think anyone here is fooled when they open a business with some variant of "America" in the name, i.e.: "American Grill", "American Gas Station", etc.?

Why do the utterly insane have a compulsion to create overly wordy websites with dozens of font changes per page (i.e. various sizes and colors)? As soon as I see "font salad" on a web site, I know that at some point on the site Jooos will be blamed for everything from "global warming" to the collision of two galaxies billions of light years away...

Why do many (if not all) turd worlders have no concept of courtesy, decency, or what we silly "Americans" refer to as "civilized behavior"? [When I say "Americans on this blog, I'm of course using the term the way most of the world does- to refer to U.S. citizens...although we all know that everyone in the western hemisphere is technically "American"]. Why do so many of us "arogant ignorant Americans" insist that everyone else in the world must be just like us in the behaviors, beliefs, and undertstanding of some "universal code of human rights"??? Things that to us seem to be basic concepts of human decency, like waiting your turn, or saying "thank you", and utterly unknown to 3rd worlders, whether they're from Indian, Arabic, or Israeli. Obnoxious overaggressiveness probably has it's place in uncivilized primitive environments, where "every man for himself" is the accepted way of life, i.e. if you don't grab it, someone else will. But here in the "civilized" world, such behavior is not only unneeded, but unwanted. And of course, we accept it anyway, out of fear of "offending" (and getting knifed by) those who come from different "cultures" and haven't yet "learned" our peaceful ways. Yep, we still shop at that convenience store, that gas station, that restaurant, that 99 cent store... all though the people behind the counter treat us like the lowlife worthless "Americans" that we obviously must be.

And of course the biggest why of all- if they all hate us so much, why do they all come here? And stay here? Like those who were born here and complain about how bad the USA is...but continue to stay here. Cause there's no other place in the WORLD which they see is better.

Lots of clowns claim to hate our Red, White, and Blue, but they sure love our Green. We could start a pool on how many would die in the stampede resulting from dropping U.S. dollars from the air onto a "Death to America" rally....

And what the HELL is up with hanging foreign flags in the USA? If you CHOSE to move to and stay in the USA, what PRIDE do you have for the shithole you left behind? When my great-grandparents came to the USA (legally) in the 1800's, they left the country of their birth behind- FOREVER. Cause that country SUCKED. And treated them like SHIT. So the first thing they did when they came to the USA was learned ENGLISH. And put their kids in public school. And spoke ENGLISH. And didn't make demands on ANYONE to cater to them in any way- they took the DL test in English. And passed. They bought groceries in containers that had only ENGLISH labels. And knew what they were getting. And they DIDN'T get welfare. Or WIC. Or any other "assistance" (aka handout) from anyone. No bailouts. And their kids went on to be honest, law abiding citizens. With jobs. And they robbed no one. Jacked no one. Mugged no one. Burgled no one. Did no drugs. And they survived. With a US flag hanging from their window . They had pride all right- in being in the U.S.A.

So if "your" country is so great- why aren't you there? Why don't you go back and fix it if something's broken there? Or are you just here to rape this country- you fuckers.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


No, I didn't spell "slackers" wrong. I meant slokkers. It's a new word I made up by combing "sloth" (as in slow as a bug caught in molasses) and "walkers". Some professional level slokkers move so slow it almost appears they are moving backwards. Of course, the trick of being a slokker is that you move your slowest when you know someone behind you is in a hurry, and is trying to pass you. A pro slokker has mastered the ability of magically puffing their entire body out sideways (in both directions), thereby making it impossible for you to pass and catch that plane or train you are attempting to run for. Of course, walking in the middle of the stair case or sidewalk improves the slokkers blocking abilities. And yes, they know we know that they know. Cause they're evil. Meaning that if one were to be "accidentally" bumped while on a stair case, and they happen to tumble to the bottom in a jumble of booms, bangs, and "oh lord jesus help me i'm fallin down da stairs", you would be doing the world a favor. Cause not all of us are tourists...

People Who Deserve It! - check out this site in its entirety by-the-way...they're as pissed off as I am, but they've been doing this blog thang a lot longer!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Daily Pointlessness...

"D**p***h is your complete outsourcing partner for all aspects of image processing. Our very own offshore production facility located in South East Asia, houses teams of Photoshop® artists who are trained and managed by western industry professionals." Yeah-- "Western industry professionals who are now OUT OF WORK!!". Dumb asses.

What the hell ever happened to hiring TEENAGERS to mundane work that no one else really wants to do?? There are plenty of teens out there who will gladly take $20 to: Mow your lawn, weed your garden, shovel your snow, clean your car, clip you graphics in Photoshop, flip your burgers, cook your fries, stock your store shelves, etc. etc. etc. And although it sometimes seems difficult to communicate with teens, I'd rather try it with them than with some turd worlder who just doesn't get basic concepts like, oh, flush toilets. We certainly DON'T need to import a single "guest worker", or export another got-damn job.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Daily Pointlessness...

Endless Mystery List: The Female Mind

I'm convinced that eons past the point where the male mind has been completely unraveled, decoded, poked, prodded, probed into submission, and then stuffed in a jar to sit on a musty shelf in a university basement, scientists will still be having fistfights over where to start in their attempts to decode the FEMALE mind. Take this mystery for instance: SHORT SKIRTS.

Why? WHY?? WHY on EARTH do women wear short skirts (above the knee) only to have to subject themselves to what must be unbearable knee-locked discomfort (possibly hours on the train) in their attempts to keep some geezer from climbing the mountaintop and eyeballing their holy land? For God's sake, if you don't want anyone peeping your panties, either a) wear a longer skirt, or 2) wear some got damned pants. If, on the other hand, you have some weird voyeuristic streak and get off on showing off your netherlands, then email the details to me at once, so that I may be the judge as to whether or not you do indeed have a prize worthy pudenda.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More Crying Time. Sorry.

Pixar grants girl's dying wish to see 'Up'

(Click on's a link to the article)

More Pointlessness....

Denial of Service "Cyberattacks"

Seems like everyday we hear about some new "cyberattack" on some website or other. Some sites are down for a few hours...some for a few days. But so what? Really... so what? So some turd world script kiddy (jealous that we have clean drinking water and flush toilets) got his bad self a zombie network and ran some DDOS attack against big bad Great Satan. What exactly do these asstards feel that they are accomplishing? Do they truly believe they will somehow bring about the complete collapse of the US "way of life"? So we can't get to the US Treasury website we've been there at all. DDOS attacks don't stop banking. They don't stop email. They don't kill cell phones. And what if they did? Things would be cleared up pretty quickly...and for those of us over 15 years old- the USA got by fine for 200 years without the Internet. So hey- turd world "hax0rs"- put away the silly scripts and toolkits and Google important things, like how to avoid cholera epidemics by not shitting in the same water you drink.


What do muslim terrorists feel that THEY accomplish with terror attacks? So they murdered 3,000 Great Satanists in one day here in the USA. Did the country fall apart and cease to exist, devolving into some quagmire of chaos and anarchy, ripe for take over??? And the 11,000 or so other attacks by muslims around the world SINCE 9/11/2001 that have murdered thousands of people have also helped accomplish....???

The Daily Pointlessness...

Lately, as I come up out of the train station on my way to work, there is a woman who stands there in the walkway, with a little kid in a stroller. Of course, they have the sign out- asking for money. Today, the kid was crying. She wanted something, and the woman was saying "I don't have it". My reaction to this scene is confusion... on the one hand, I want to kill the woman for doing this to the kid (making her spend her summer days standing in a dim, dank, station tunnel while mama works her con, using the kid as a prop). I also wanted to go over, find out what their problem was, and give them enough dough to not have to stand in the station ever again. At least, for the kid's sake. Unfortunately, even if I did have the ability to blindly throw money at problems, we know from plenty of other real-world examples, that this just doesn't work. Look at the school systems- schools with some of the highest per student expenditures still have the worst performing students. Change must come from within.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Utterly pointless misery...


Smoke gets in MY eye....

I've been asking this question of smokers now for over 20 years...

Did you like the first cigarette you ever smoked?

and the answer is always the same:


So of course the follow up question is:

So why did you smoke the second one?

Hang up and WALK!

"What? What? What? I'm on the train/bus/subway/elevator...I can't hear you very well. What? What was that? What?"

Maybe "I'll call you back later" would work much better. And not make those near you want to take that phone and

The Daily Pointlessness...

7 Teens Shot At Detroit Bus Stop

Remember when "Super Dad" Mike Brady gave Peter permission to slug the bully that was making fun of Cindy? Nowadays it seems that "dad" might just hand his kid a pistol and say "take care o yo bidniss, boy"...