Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Marshal Music for Our Friend

Here's some appropriate "marshal music" to play when our pal Ahmadinejad is approaching:



That is all. Carry on.


So do the illegal aliens behind the counter at the local bagel joint keep screwing up peoples' orders because:
1) they really don't understand English
2) they are truly stupid people
3) they love fucking with the gringos

While my inner racist wants to go with answer #2, I think more often than not it is actually #3. And because we're a bunch of wussies who are afraid to be accused of being racists, we'll keep going back to the same joint, and keep smiling at the illegals, pretending that they are indeed doing a great job that "no one else wants to do", and we'll enjoy our whole wheat bagels with lox spread, when we actually ordered a garlic bagel with a shmear of scallion cream cheese.

BTW- I hate the word "shmear". Although I don't know of a better English equivalent.