Friday, January 29, 2010

Yet Another Reason to MAKE STUFF IN THE USA

The Chinese thieves are already selling knockoffs of a PROTOTYPE of a Dell gadget that has not even been released yet. Do we really need to keep seeing these reasons to bring manufacturing BACK TO THE USA???

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jedi Mind Ticks Don't Work On The NO Minded...


For YEARS I've been trying to warn people that all these computerized gizmos are INFUSED with SATANIC EVIL.... but people chuckled and shook their heads...

NOW, FINALLY, I have PROOF... look at the picture- it shows the output from a Cisco 4900M Switch I am using at a datacenter... notice the line that begins with "Darkside Revision 0". What the F is "Darkside Revision"?!? Never mind that "Jawa Revision" or "Tatooine Revision". It's this DARKSIDE stuff that worries me.

(yes, this is real. Good to see that Cisco still seems to employ some (most-likely) American programmers who are Star Wars fans).

Monday, January 25, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Daily Pointlessness...

SO about 2 years ago we had a problem with the sewer line between our house and the street. It was clogged and it is our responsibility. So we hired a plumber to snake it out. His snake went out and got caught on a "belly" or "dip" in the pipe. Although he cleared the clog, he suggested sending a camera down the line to see if the pipe was damaged.

Not wanting to spend $500 for the guy to send a camera down the line, I bought insurance that covered the line (about $80/year) and left it at that.

So here we are and now we have what looks like sand and mud coming up out of a basement drain. Now it looks like the pipe may have finally cracked. I call the insurance company and find out that our coverage for this lapsed a few months ago and wasn't renewed.

She did it to me again. She pays the bills. The password on the Quicken account is hers. All she has to do was open the mail, type in the bill in Quicken, and set it for payment (automatically via our bank/Quicken link). But instead, the bill got tossed in a mix. And is now gone. Along with probably $5,000 to do this repair (they'll have to tear up the yard with a backhoe).

Oh well- there's another $5,000 we won't be able to use for a vacation. Or school. Or anything else fun or important.

I bought a bottle of Tums yesterday. First time in years I've needed it.

And I've had a headache for over a week.

The fun never ends.

UPDATE: Have to replace the line all the way to the city sewer tie-in... cost is closer to $10,000 now. It never ends. Truly.