Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Daily Pointlessness...

Every morning I watch as some old person shuffles decrepitly down the aisle on the train, cane in one hand, roller bag handle in the other. I'm talking people in their 70's. And I think- dammit, am I gonna have to be rolling my decrepit ass to work every morning when I'm in my 70's? Is that what I have to look forward to?

But then I realize- these people always seem to be well dressed, and get on at places like Westport, CT or Darien, CT, some of the most affluent towns in the U.S.A. Most likely, they are NOT going to work because they need the money. The only reason their shuffling to work every day instead of playing shuffle board down South is because either a: they're afraid that "retiring" will somehow just cause them to keel over dead, or b: greed.

All I know is that when I'm 70, the only work I want to be doing will be on my model railroad.

And BTW- when my hearing goes, I will not pretend that everyone else mumbles. I'll get the damn hearing aid.

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  1. You young punks! Got no respect. And speak up, damn you. All you kids mumble too much. You got something worth saying, say it out loud!