Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Things That Make You Go... UGG!

Bag pullers. I'm not talking about the wheeled suitcases we all have to use once-in-a-while for travel. I'm talking about the silly briefcase looking things that have wheels and pull handles. And probably have about 6 ounces of paper in them. And are typically pulled by power bitches or smug pompous looking wussified Westport white men. They always seem to be getting in peoples' way with these obnoxious things too, whether it's blocking aisles, stairways, or taking up space in elevators (preventing people who really need the elevator from getting in).

And speaking of wussified Westport white men... you see them all the time on the train too. Those balding, fat men who step into the train like they own the damn thing, oozing arrogance and "look-at-me". So they have a couple million stashed and live in some hoitey-toity town. Now they think they are actually "rich". They get on the train and start playing their routine...let's put our wet umbrella and obnoxious coffee sippee cup in the aisle. Let's put our roller bag (with it's dirty wheels) on a seat, or leave it in the aisle too. Let's now take off our suit jacket and carefully fold it and place it on a seat or rack. All of this occurring while other people are waiting to pass in the aisle, of course. Now let's sit down (cramming people who are already sitting there) and move on to origami handling of a New York Times/Wall Street Journal while also typing on the ubiquitous Crackberry. And of course, when we leave the train, we leave behind our empty coffee cup and our crumpled up newspaper.

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